About PolyTech
About PolyTech

Our business is to strengthen your business

Ever since PolyTech was founded in 1994, we have been helping leading players in the wind power industry to develop, design, test, manufacture, optimise and protect their most important assets. As a development house with our own large-scale production facilities, accredited test centres and a global set-up, we can assist in any and all areas.

Creative thinkers and dedicated engineers since 1994
PolyTech is the leading development, test, production and service company for the wind power industry. An engineering “Swiss Army knife” with all the expertise, products and solutions you need to optimise your business and provide the best possible protection for your assets. Always based on in-depth insight into the wind power industry and the challenges it presents. Technical, commercial and political.

The first chapter was written in 1994, when the design and manufacture of products in polyurethane quickly became a core skill. In the 2010s development accelerated strongly - with the wind power industry as the primary driver of growth. For seven years in a row, PolyTech’s growth has resulted in the company being named a “Børsen Gazelle Company” (an annual commercial award presented to Danish companies that have maintained continuous growth over a period of four years, and have more than doubled their turnover or gross profits during the period).

PolyTech was purchased by the Norwegian private equity fund Verdane Capital VIII in 2016. This provided extra fuel for the engine, which found expression in the spectrum of skills, in the R&D projects, in the number of employees and – in particular – in huge investment in our state-of-the-art production setup. PolyTech is therefore right at the cutting edge today as regards key areas such as automation and digital integration, including digital data exchange and communication with our customers.

Denmark, China, Germany, USA, Mexico - and the rest of the world
PolyTech has its headquarters in the town of Bramming, Denmark. This is the domicile of the senior management, and it is here that we perform much of our R&D work. It is also here that we have our state-of-the-art production facilities, and it is the site of one of our two well-equipped, accredited test centers.

Our lightning test centre (the biggest in the world for turbine blade testing and for testing nacelles) is located in Herning, Denmark, which is easy to reach via the harbours in Aarhus and Esbjerg.

Our facilities in Hedehusene, Denmark, host much of our R&D work, which focuses in particular on the development of customised Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). The highly specialist researchers and engineers who staff our Hedehusene facilities also work with numerical modelling, risk analyses and other related services.

In addition to our Danish locations and facilities, PolyTech is present in China, where we have our own, ultra-modern factory in Wuxi. Munich, Germany is home to our sensor specialists, in Monterrey, Mexico, we have production and warehouse facilities, and finally we operate warehouse and logistics facilities in Denver, Colorado, USA, which help ensure efficient logistics with Just-in-Time delivery all over the world.

PolyTech A/S
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PolyTech Manufacturing A/S
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PolyTech Test & Validation A/S
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DENMARK: Bramming, Herning and Hedehusene
CHINA: Wuxi and Shanghai
USA: Denver, Colorado
MEXICO: Monterrey

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