Code of Conduct

No matter where in the world Polytech does business, we are fundamentally committed to acting correctly and decently – in relation to our own employees, in relation to the environment, and in relation to our business partners and public authorities.

The Polytech Code of Conduct is a set of ethical rules for both management and employees to follow so as to ensure that we always

  • develop in a sustainable manner
  • optimize the working environment
  • strengthen our employee relations
  • show consideration for the environment
  • expand our relationship with the surrounding community.

As a company, we similarly expect both suppliers and partners to recognize and comply with our Code of Conduct.

The ten ethical rules that make up the Polytech Code of Conduct

  1. Polytech respects and supports the upholding of international human rights.
  2. Polytech respects equal treatment and actively combats discrimination at the workplace.
  3. Polytech respects individual freedom of religion.
  4. Polytech respects the right to organize.
  5. Polytech demands that our employees can be present at the workplace without fear of persecution or abuse, and we strongly reject any form of forced labor.
  6. Polytech takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and conflicts of interest.
  7. Polytech supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  8. Polytech offers education, training and skills development at all levels within the company.
  9. Polytech strives to be a leading company in the areas of the environment and OHAS, and we work actively to promote sustainable development.
  10. Polytech ensures compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

How we ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct
Checks of conditions at Polytech have been systematized. This enables us to work continuously to identify processes that are potentially harmful to our employees and/or the environment, and to implement measures to improve them.

Responsibility for checking up on all conditions in our Code of Conduct rests with Polytech’s QHSE department.




POLYTECH Speak Up - our whistleblower platform

We are committed to ensure a safe and respectful working environment for all our employees, and act as a reliable and responsible business partner. As such, we provide an independent whistleblower platform, 'Polytech Speak Up', where our employees and stakeholders can report suspected fraud and other misconducts. All reports are confidential, and can be submitted anonymously.

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