Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals

Let's make the world a more sustainable place

At Polytech, we apply our technology and material expertise to make wind power the obvious choice of energy. We design and manufacture some of the most sophisticated systems that improve the durability and performance of wind turbines anywhere in the world.

We have long realized that what we do right today will benefit the generations of tomorrow.


Consequently, we demonstrate our commitment to a cleaner, safer and brighter future through our certification in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – as the first company in the wind industry.


The 17 SDGs are a vital part of our corporate strategy, and we constantly strive to improve our global sustainability footprint. In all decisions we make and all initiatives we take, sustainability is a mandatory factor to consider.

To us, it is about bringing value to the world, to our clients, to our business, and to our employees in the most sustainable way possible.


We act on a global scale. What unites us is our values.


Our shared commitment to innovation rooted in sustainability - for the good of our planet and the people on it.

“We wish to be a beacon for sustainability in the wind industry. Not merely by launching sustainable solutions, but by being a sustainable company all the way through: from research and development, manufacturing, global supply to end of life.”

Kirkegaard, Polytech CEO


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