Optimise the performance, operational reliability and service life of your investment in wind

PolyTech delivers a range of products, solutions and services for optimising previously installed wind turbines all over the world, operating in all kinds of topographical and meteorological conditions. Our deep insight and experience in the field of aftermarket services is your guarantee of tried and tested products and tangible improvements.

PolyTech can help you cut both costs and concerns
There are often big savings to be made by optimising the operation and service of previously installed wind turbines. Given the constant development in the fields of materials, technology, design and production, manufacturers with service and warranty obligations, Independent Service Providers (ISP) and operators (energy companies) will all be able to optimise their wind turbines on an ongoing basis.

The PolyTech Aftermarket Division generates value for customers in four areas:

  • Standard products and solutions
  • Customised products and solutions
  • Repair solutions
  • Complete solutions, including installation on-site
  • Education and training

A new generation of Leading Edge Protection
Erosion of leading edges on blades costs wind turbine owners around the world billions of dollars every year – and forces manufacturers to concern themselves with the issue of erosion out of consideration to future warranty obligations.

With ELLE™ (Ever-Lasting Leading Edge), PolyTech has developed a solution that eliminates the problem once and for all - and which, on account of its rapid application in a wide weather window, is ideal for retrofitting to existing wind turbines.

Find out more about ELLE™ leading edge protection

Add-ons for blades
The ever-increasing requirements for noise reduction and performance, for example, have made a number of PolyTech’s blade implants and add-ons particularly popular for retrofitted optimisation of previously installed wind turbines.

We are continuously expanding our range of add-ons, both as standard products and as tailored “problem solvers” defined by customers’ wishes and specifications.

Find out more about blade add-ons

Valuable registration of lightning strikes
The PolyTech Lightning Key Data System allows remote reading of crucial data about the effects of individual lightning strikes on the turbine affected. The system measures all relevant key parameters from lightning strikes, helping you avoid unnecessary inspections and costly shutdowns. Find out more about Lightning Key Data System 

Consolidated aftermarket solutions
Significant opportunities often exist for optimising previously installed wind turbines in multiple areas simultaneously. PolyTech therefore offers to put together complete upgrade packages which, for example, could include:

  • Leading Edge Protection
  • Blade add-ons
  • Repair solutions for serial damages
  • Task-performing labour, involving third parties where appropriate

Education and training
In many cases, it is necessary to upgrade specific professional skills among relevant employees when wind turbines at a given site are optimised – through the application of Leading Edge Protection and/or add-ons, for instance.

PolyTech can provide the education and training required. Depending on wishes and content, the courses can be run at our training facilities in Denmark or on-site.

We typically provide training and education for service technicians from the following players:

  • OEM
  • ISP
  • Energy companies

You are always welcome to contact our Aftermarket Division on +45 7510 1026 to find out more about the opportunities regarding training and education for your service technicians or other relevant groups of employees.

Darren Scott - Kodiak Alaska
Testimonial about PolyTech ELLE™ leading edge protection by Mr. Darren Scott, CEO of Kodiak Electric Association.



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