Proven lifetime protection with ELLE™

16 Aug 2021 Polytech

Following the DNV-RP-0573, we calculated the lifetime durability of ELLE™, and the results speak for themselves.

Recent laboratory tests have again confirmed: our polyurethane softshell, ELLE™, in fact puts an end to leading edge erosion. We have followed the DNV-RP-0573 to evaluate and predict the durability of our leading edge protection, ELLE™. And the result? ELLE™ in most cases will withstand over 25 years of operation.


So if you want to avoid unnecessary services, lower your maintenance cost, and optimize your operating expenses, then ELLE™ might be the right solution for you.


Click here to learn more about the lifetime estimation for ELLE™ and get a site-specific evaluation from our experts to see what your return on investment would be.

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