Cultural guidelines


As a Polytech employee, you will notice that things move really quickly, and that changeability is a fundamental precondition for a company experiencing rapid growth.

However, a busy work environment and constant development are not synonymous with chaos and lack of safety for our employees. Quite the reverse; the entire company operates on the basis of a set of well-defined cultural guidellines which ensure that we all move in the same direction – and that we do so in the most appropriate manner.

Polytech’s cultural guidelines

  1. We put the customer first
  2. We take holistic decisions
  3. We work together effectively
  4. We take responsibility

Customer first

At Polytech, the customer’s wishes and requirements are paramount. This means that everything we develop and innovate must generate value for the customer. At the same time, it is our responsibility to challenge the customer’s thoughts and ideas if this would produce a better result – and give Polytech a more satisfied customer.

Holistic decisions
We pursue the ideas and make the decisions which generate the most value for Polytech as a whole – and not just for the individual department. We likewise ensure satisfactory hand-overs through the process and justify important alterations to those involved.

It must be possible to implement decisions easily and efficiently in every link of the chain.

Working together effectively
At Polytech, we work closely together on the basis of a “cog and wheel mindset”. This means that we recognise the importance of each and every employee to the organisation as a whole, and that we respect one another’s areas of responsibility. It also entails our communicating clearly with each other in our everyday work, aligning expectations on an ongoing basis, and making sure to specify who is to do what and by which deadlines.

Responsibility for results
At Polytech, it is crucial that all employees take responsibility for their respective roles and the assignments in which they are involved. We therefore expect our employees to demonstrate responsibility and confidence in one another.

If we encounter a problem, we solve it. And if we cannot solve it ourselves, we make sure to rectify the situation with the assistance of relevant colleagues.



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