ELLE™ – Warranted lifetime protection against leading edge erosion
ELLE™ – Warranted lifetime protection against leading edge erosion

ELLE™ – Warranted lifetime protection against leading edge erosion

Our polyurethane softshell, ELLE™, now comes with up to lifetime warranty against breakthrough and delamination, and thereby in fact puts an end to leading edge erosion.

Introducing 5-year standard warranty

ELLE™ shells are already protecting thousands of wind turbines from erosion all over the world. Now, we want you to trust ELLE™ as much as we do. That is why we are taking leading edge protection to the next level.

ELLE™ now comes with 5-year warranty against breakthrough and delamination as a standard for every site in the world. This means that if for any reasons your ELLE™ shells show breakthrough or delamination within five years, we will provide you with replacement shells free of charge.


Introducing ELLE™ Lifetime

If you would prefer increased financial flexibility and longer warranty on your ELLE™ shells, then ‘ELLE™ Lifetime’ might be the solution for you. ELLE™ Lifetime is a solution package where we provide you ELLE™ shell kits with extended warranty. You can choose a 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, or 25-years package that includes 100% breakthrough and delamination warranty.

Whichever package you choose, ELLE™ Lifetime comes at a fixed yearly fee per turbine. A simple and transparent payment structure that gives you predictability when planning your annual budgeting. All ELLE™ Lifetime packages come with an optional extension, so you can warrant your ELLE™ shells until year 25.

We want as many of you as possible to benefit from a lifetime warranty. So even if you bought your ELLE™ shells one-off with the standard 5-year warranty, you could still enter the warranty extension from year 6 onwards.



Should you invest in ELLE™?

All sites and turbines are different, which has a trickle-down effect on your operating expenses and levelized cost of energy. This means that we need to investigate, whether ELLE™ is the right solution for you and if it is worth your investment.

That is why we have created a Value Calculator.

The Value Calculator combines site-specific parameters (e.g., number of turbines, nominal output, remaining project lifetime, electricity price) with data that is based on experience and domain expertise (e.g., maintenance costs and interval, RPM, rainfall). By combining these inputs with ELLE™ installation costs, we can calculate your ROI and payback period. This allows you to make a sound decision on whether ELLE™ is the right solution for your blades.

Get a site-specific evaluation on your ROI for ELLE™. Contact our experts.

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