Download our white paper on ice detection

We provide a certified and maintenance-free rotor blade-based ice detection system based on our reliable, sensitive, and cost-efficient fiber optic measurement technology. Our ice detection system outperforms conventional power curve or anemometer-based systems significantly in terms of reliability and functionality, offering significant increased yields and reduction of operating costs.



Key points of this white paper:


  • Rotor blade icing causes losses in energy production due to standstill.
  • With state-of-the-art ice detection system, the standstill can be reduced. But not all systems have the same performance characteristics.
  • With real-life data from operating wind turbines, we can show that rotor vibration-based ice detection systems outperform instrument icing systems and help to increase AEP.
  • We also demonstrate that the greatest benefits can be achieved in regions with many short-term ice events during winter times.


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