We generate value in the offshore, automotive and aviation industries, too

PolyTech is a Tier 1 supplier to a wide range of companies in the global wind power industry. In addition, we make our material know-how, design skills, production set-up, accredited test centres and global set-up available to operators in the offshore, automotive and aviation industries.

Improved performance, reduced costs and greater competitiveness

PolyTech has grown out of the wind turbine industry as it matured on a global scale from the 1990s onwards. It was here that our engineering skills, our in-depth knowledge of polyurethane and our holistic approach to innovation laid the foundations for PolyTech’s current position as a market leader in the industry that still accounts for the larger share of our business.

However, the fact that the majority of our customised concepts and components contribute on a daily basis to reducing the price of a kilowatt hour of wind-turbine-generated current does not mean that we work exclusively with wind turbines. Far from it. Our skills, workflow, production set-up, certified quality management system and global set-up make us an equally attractive partner for performance- and cost-conscious operators in the offshore, automotive and aviation sectors.







Why partner with PolyTech?

  • Demand-specific R&D sparring
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Automated large-scale production
  • Accredited test laboratories
  • Global set-up
  • Digital customer integration (SAP, etc.)
  • APQP4Wind™ + ISO 9001 + ISO 29001
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