Lightning and leading edge protection for turbine blades and aircraft wings alike

In parallel with the wind power industry developing more complex turbine blades, aircraft manufacturers have increasingly been using carbon and composite as replacements for aluminium. As such, turbine blades and aircraft wings have a lot in common, and PolyTech solutions in the areas of lightning protection and weight reduction are therefore perfect for both sectors.

PolyTech protects blades whirling close to the ground and wings flying 10,000 metres up in the air

Lightning protection is of great importance to the wind power industry - and to the aviation sector as well. Both sectors use structural components in their products that are crucial to the performance of blades and wings alike. So it is extremely important that each individual design be carefully analysed and protected against the damaging impact of lightning. Weight reduction is likewise of crucial importance in these two sectors.

Both aspects are bearing elements of the know-how and skills that distinguish PolyTech. Skills which, for instance, encompass in-depth knowledge of how to reduce component weight without compromising on either strength or function.

And when it comes to effective lightning protection of composite and carbon fibre components, our know-how is quite simply second to none. Most recently, our LPS systems made a clear impression on the new sector standard for wind turbine lightning protection (IEC61400-24, second edition).

In the field of production technology, our hi-tech machine fleet makes it possible, for example, to cut copper mesh for lightning protection systems in unit sizes of up to 80 metres. This means that the conventional approach involving manually cutting copper mesh can be automated, leading to big savings in both time and cost, while increasing the quality and repedability.

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Why PolyTech is such a strong partner for the aeronautical industry

  • Peerless expertise in Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)
  • Superior skills in weight reduction and energy optimisation through the use of polyurethane components and concepts
  • Automated large-scale production with the capacity to cut copper mesh in unit sizes of up to 80 m
  • Own accredited test centres providing a wide range of standard tests and mechanical tests






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