We optimise properties, minimise weight and reduce costs in the field of offshore wind, oil and gas production

Peerless expertise in the design and manufacture of industrial components in polyurethane makes PolyTech a value-generating supplier to the offshore industry. As regards subsea, splash line and other areas. In contrast to our involvement in the wind power sector, PolyTech delivers to the offshore sector through leading subcontractors, where our product knowledge, combined with innovation and a globe-spanning production set-up, assures excellent service and top quality solutions all over the world.

There are times when a small change can generate a lot of value
PolyTech is a Tier 1 supplier to several of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers in the wind turbine industry and over the years, many of our components and concepts have proved their worth on advanced offshore wind turbines. Gigantic WTGs that are often required to operate under the same tough weather conditions that affect the oil and gas industry offshore.

Our extensive know-how regarding polyurethane and our 360° model for creating solutions that optimise every link of the value chain make us an ideal innovation partner – for other players in the offshore industry, too.

A partnership with PolyTech may, for example, have to do with optimising subsea cabling. Or identifying and achieving potential cost reductions by replacing existing components with lighter, stronger and more economical versions in polyurethane.

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Why PolyTech is such a strong partner for the offshore industry










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