Leading Edge erosion
Leading Edge erosion

Do you want to win the battle against leading edge erosion?

Leading edge erosion is a major issue affecting wind asset owners worldwide. The severity of erosion damages, the speed with which it progresses AND not least the costs involved in repairing eroded blades have been a huge challenge for the wind industry for quite some time.

At PolyTech, we have spent considerable innovative efforts on developing ELLE™ - Ever Lasting Leading Edge.

PolyTech ELLE™ is a state-of-the-art solution for leading edge protection that allows you to repair your blades one time only and enjoy the obvious benefits of well-protected leading edges for the rest of the turbine’s lifetime.

ELLE™ is a polyurethane softshell customized to fit all blade geometries in the market, and it is installed on the leading edge with a very simple, robust procedure and in a very wide weather window.

See much more about ELLE™ for retrofit installation

PolyTech Value Calculator provides detailed information based on your wind park data submission. Contact Torsten F. Pedersen, Head of Aftermarket, to hear more...


Convincing results - in the lab and in real life
Extensive test cycles and a proven track record of four years on challenging sites onshore and offshore all over the world show us very convincing results.

See for yourself

Instead of PolyTech carrying on about the magnificence of our own solution, please start the videos below and hear what J.J. Davis of Kruger Energy and Darren Scott of Kodiak Electric Association have to say about ELLE™.

Turnkey project to protect your blades

PolyTech can offer you valuable inputs to your blade maintenance strategy and shift your action from a short-term to a long-term perspective. To move from putting out fires to preventative maintenance.

If you wish, we can prepare a turnkey project to protect your leading edges with the best solution in the market, taking over all responsibities of planning, coordination and execution.

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