Subsea solutions with a Polytech twist

We develop innovative, tailor-made, and reliable subsea solutions using our extensive material and testing expertise. Reduce your CO2 footprint with our sustainable materials and circular solutions.

Protecting and enhancing subsea installations

In the offshore and subsea environments, installation and maintenance is more challenging and costly than onshore. That is why it is even more important here to develop installations that are maintenance and worry free.


Choose the right material that is thoroughly tested and validated in our in-house accredited test center and then monitor the cable configuration subsea to ensure that it always falls within the design limits.


Safe and efficient installation

Our focus is to develop innovative subsea solutions that allow efficient installation on vessels to reduce your transport and logistics footprint. This improves the vessel utilization and lowers your total costs.


Bringing material expertise to subsea

Having been a global partner for the wind industry for almost 30 years, we are bringing sustainable materials and circularity to subsea. From concept through manufacturing to operations, we have a proven track record in offering holistic, scalable, and circular solutions that last the turbines’ lifetime.

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