We optimize your supply chain and reduce your costs

At Polytech, we have the know-how, the facilities, and the capacity to establish a cost-optimized production and logistics set-up. We provide services such as bundling, so you can allow us to handle the purchase and assembly of relevant components before they are delivered to your own production line. Just in time – and daily if necessary.

A flexible working relationship starts with effective logistics
As a Tier 1 supplier, logistics plays a key role for us at Polytech. That is why we devote the necessary resources to ensure that we constantly remain proactive in relation to your needs and requirements.

In order to provide you with the best possible solution, we always view the different parts of the value chain from a holistic perspective. We thus make sure to take a 360º approach to material selection, production, attachment, assembly, transport, installation, service, maintenance and the product life cycle.

Many of our customers understandably wish to limit the number of transactions in their supply chain as much as possible. We accommodate this wish through services such as bundling, where we are linked directly to your ERP system. This makes it possible to automate goods orders and production planning and to calibrate them 100% with your ongoing order inflow and warehouse status, if appropriate.

As a result, we can supply the bundled components and products directly to the customer’s own production setup – on a daily basis if necessary.


Digital integration
Your working relationship with Polytech can be digitalized to precisely the degree you wish, and to exactly the extent you can handle from a technical perspective. We can integrate via SAP and other software platforms, for example.

Global setup
We have our own warehouse facilities in Denmark, China, and Mexico. So no matter where in the world your business may be operating, you can be sure we can deliver rapidly, efficiently and accurately.

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