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Our bespoke solutions help optimise your products, your costs and your competitiveness

When it comes right down to it, most development projects are intended to improve your wind turbines’ performance (AEP), to protect your assets and to reduce your LCOE. And this is precisely why we established PolyTech in the first place. As such, we provide both turnkey products and customised solutions, concepts and components for a wide range of functions and locations in a wind turbine.

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Get an individual solution to an individual challenge
At PolyTech, we do not build wind turbines. What we do is help our OEM customers to make their products even more efficient. Even quieter. Even safer. And even more economical to manufacture.

Over the years, our R&D team has made its value-creating mark on most of the main components in a wind turbine. That said, we are not content to look back on past successes, preferring instead to concentrate on innovation and thinking in new directions today. And tomorrow. This means you are always welcome to contact us if you are facing a challenge or a requirement that is not yet covered by our existing solutions.

PolyTech is a market leader in two crucial areas: Leading Edge Protection (LEP) and Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). As a key aspect of our LPS solutions, we have also developed a unique range of high-voltage cables with properties optimised for wind turbines.

Working closely with our OEM customers, we have also created a variety of add-ons which, for instance, improve the rotor power and reduce the noise from the blades.

We also provide thoroughly tested concepts and solutions in the areas of balancing blades, bulkheads, sealing and transport and storage.

Polyurethane features a number of properties that make the material perfect for customised sealing of the openings between hub and nacelle, and between hub and blades.

Over the years, PolyTech has developed and manufactured a wide range of products and customised nacelle components in materials including polyurethane. These components are often used to replace parts previously made of steel, thus adding benefits including

  • low weight
  • exceptional strength
  • reduced costs
  • short installation time
  • no rust

In addition to a variety of components, we supply customised solutions for sealing and the transport and storage of nacelles.

PolyTech develops and manufactures items such as platforms and other internals for towers. We typically make these products of polyurethane as a replacement for conventional materials such as steel, most often with the clear aims of cutting costs, weight, installation time and maintenance.

We also provide innovative solutions in polyurethane for the transport and storage of towers.



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