Blade Add-ons
Blade Add-ons

Maximise your wind turbine blades’ performance

PolyTech add-ons help ensure optimal performance from your blades – and then some! We have assisted blade manufacturers all over the world in developing needs-specific add-ons to improve the capacity of their blades to return optimal performance on all parameters, including AEP and noise reduction.

Our engineers + your engineers = value-generating results
PolyTech helps blade manufacturers with a broad range of blade implants and add-ons to optimize airfoils and ensure that the blades achieve maximum speed and performance.

Our solutions are often developed in close partnership with our customers’ aerodynamics engineers, and always with the emphasis on quality, because blade add-ons alter the original design. All implants and add-ons are tailor-made and tested to match the customer’s wishes and specifications.

Tried and tested adhesion
Blade add-ons are subjected to extreme impact from the weather. That is why at PolyTech, we invest significant resources in testing our way to the right materials and the optimal strategy for bonding to the blade.

Examples from our current portfolio of performance-optimising add-ons:

  • Gurney flaps installed on the trailing edge to optimise lift, air resistance and torque coefficient
  • VG vortex generator for optimising airflows around the blade root
  • Serrations for reducing blade noise and improving turbine lift
  • Chord extensions for optimising current generation in areas with limited wind resources
  • Power upgrades in accordance with specifications from the OEM

All add-ons undergo comprehensive testing at our accredited test laboratory to ensure perfect adhesion and short production- and/or on-site installation time.

PolyTech commands a complete range of specialist skills in the fields of material expertise, design and production for any and all blade add-ons.

We are also specialists in testing for erosion and the effects of UV radiation, and we perform both peel tests and salt-spray tests.



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