Blade Monitoring & Optimization
Blade Monitoring & Optimization

Blade Monitoring & Optimization

Rotor blade sensor technology is a key area of expertise in PolyTech. Using smart data, model-based machine learning and IIoT infrastructure, we help OEMs and operators optimize operation significantly - increase AEP, drive OPEX down and maximize lifetime.

Sensor platform

The PolyTech sensor platform is powerful, robust and cost-efficient. The platform uses fiber-optic technology and introduces load monitoring, ice detection and condition monitoring to the blades.

Fibre-optic advantages:

  • No electro-magnetic interference
  • No metallic conductors
  • No corrosion
  • Unlimited cable lengths
  • Unmatched durability


Center of the platform is the Blackbird, a s
calable multi channel optic measurement device able to comprehend an array of sensors (strain, vibration, acceleration, temperature, pressure).

Blade Vibration Sensors and Blade Strain Sensors are purely fiber-optic (no electric sensor) and offer immunity to electro magnetic fields and lightning. They deliver high resolution data and long term stability.

Blade Load Monitoring

With the implementation of active load reduction, our customers are able to design the mechanical structures more cost-effectively and thus massively reduce the material costs of the entire system.

At the same time, it opens up the possibility of using the same turbine type for a wider range of wind conditions and optimizing the design for specific locations.

Blade Ice Detection

With our ice detection system, we provide a sensitive, certified and maintenance-free rotor blade ice detection system based on our reliable and cost-efficient fiber-optic measurement technology optimized for wind energy.

Automatic restart or cloud based data accumulation and its transmission allow you to optimize your turbine shut down window during an ice event.

Blade Condition Monitoring

The blade condition monitoring system was developed to detect and monitor structural damage to rotor blades of a wind turbine and to optimize maintenance and repair planning.

It is based on the same hardware configuration as the ice detection system and is also certified by DNV-GL.

The System is maintenance-free throughout the lifetime of the wind turbine.






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