LCS – the easy, reliable and economical solution for registering lightning current in wind turbines

The Lightning Card System (LCS) is the simplest method of registering the lightning current a wind turbine is subjected to in connection with a lightning strike. The reliable lightning card can be read on site by your own service staff or ISP. It can also be sent to PolyTech for complete readout and inspection report of the registered strike.

Have lightning current up to 300 kA registered with high accuracy
The Lightning Card System from PolyTech is the simplest method on the market for registering lightning current. The greatest emphasis has been placed on safety, simplicity and reliability in developing the solution.

When lightning strikes a Lightning Protection System (LPS) and is conducted down to the ground, a magnetic field is generated around the conductor. The strength of this magnetic field is proportional to the size of the lightning current and decreases as the distance to the conductor increases.

The lightning card is fitted to the conductor. This means that the magnetic field generated by the lightning will be registered at source, and the value can then be used to establish the size of the lightning current.

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The Lightning Card System consists of three parts:

The lightning card measures the lightning current in the conductor by registering the size of the magnetic field caused by the current.
The measurement is a purely magnetic registration and the process is irreversible, which means that the registration saved can only be overwritten by a lightning strike with more current.

The card can be replaced and read either during routine replacement or if a lightning strike is suspected.


  • Can register lightning current of 6–300 kA, with an accuracy of less than 20 kA
  • Is not affected by air humidity, and functions in a temperature range of ‑30 to +80 ºC
  • Can withstand immersion in water for protracted periods without this affecting the card function

The card holder is fitted to the conductor using plastic strips to keep the lightning card firmly in place in a precisely defined position.
The card holder is not affected by the lightning current.

The lightning card reader is a separate unit used to convert the measurement taken by the card into a reading expressed in kiloamperes.
The card reader and the software supplied with it can be used to save the reading in a database. From here, the system can be used to generate reports (PDF) as documentation of the measurement.
The card reader requires a 12 V power supply and can therefore be powered from a service vehicle or, using the transformer supplied, via a mains connection.
The card reader can be used to read corresponding cards of other makes.

Click here to download the LCS software.

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