Transport Equipment & Solutions
Transport Equipment & Solutions

Bottom line AND environment benefit from optimized transport solutions

PolyTech develops and manufactures customized solutions for protecting wind turbine blades, nacelles and tower sections during transport and storage. Our comprehensive know-how and expertise in working with polyurethane and other relevant materials generates value and reduces costs in many areas of the wind power industry.

Effective protection during transport and storage
Taking as our starting point our own material expertise and insight into the challenges facing the individual customer, we work – often closely with the customer's own experts – to create solutions that match requirements exactly. In many cases, bouncing ideas back and forth with our development and production staff will bring new and unexpected materials and designs into play and bring wind turbine blade transport to the next level.

We offer

  • Design of steel structures and PUR parts
  • Load calculations/Simulations
    • Steel
    • Transport scenarios
    • Friction
    • Interfaces
    • Max load test
    • FEM Analysis
    • Hyperelastic properties for exact PUR material simulation
  • Test and validation in inhouse accredited test lab
  • Design for
    • Production
    • Use and maintenance
    • Logistics
    • Re-use
    • Standardization
    • Scalability


Why choose PolyTech’s systems for protection during transport and storage?

  • Safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions

  • +25 years experience
  • Designed to match the geome­try of the individual structure perfectly

  • 2 weeks from idea to prototype
  • Fast time-to-market for new projects
  • Variable hardness in accordance with customer specifications
  • High-friction/low-friction surfaces
  • High durability
  • Increased utilization
  • UV resistant
  • Ideal for a wide range of uses
  • No use of release agents
  • High visibility colours


PolyTech Transport Equipment & Solutions is all about sustainability

  • Optimum design and well-considered choice of material help to maximize transport equipment’s lifetime and utilization
  • Intelligent tracking and data delivery help to minimize the quantity of necessary transport equipment to be manufactured, moved and serviced
  • PolyTech plays an active part in promoting renewable energy AND we commit to incorporate a sustainability mindset in everything we do
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