Turbine internals
Turbine internals

If you can think it, we can do it

PolyTech’s high-volume production machinery is geared for a range of advanced moulding technologies that make it possible to substitute metals and other materials, or to create new combinations involving polyurethane, for example. This allows us to tackle familiar challenges involving aspects such as weight, corrosion, transport, safety and - in particular - cost. We call this “Intelligent Material Substitution”.

The opportunities for substituting materials are almost limitless
Polyurethane can be moulded into any shape at all and fulfil almost any function. This means that we can use PU to re-design a broad spectrum of products and components that are currently utilised in wind turbines. At the same time, we give you the opportunity to add new, built-in features.

There may be many objectives, such as:

- cutting costs
- improving durability
- avoiding substances hazardous to health
- reducing weight
- reinforcing resistance
- increasing flexibility
- reducing exposure
- optimising adhesion
- and so on

Moulding technologies

  • Polyurethane moulding
  • Injection moulding
  • Rotational moulding
  • Rapid Fibre Moulding
  • 3D printing



Move quickly from design to batch production
Holistic innovation is PolyTech’s trademark. As such, we do not actually design components – what we do is design solutions that fulfil our customers’ requirements

As we have all the relevant skills and processes in-house, we can help you make the journey from prototype to batch production extremely quickly when necessary.

For example, we produce 3D-printed components to provide a useful and immediate representation of form and functionality.

A door to new benefits

PolyTech provides tower doors made using Rapid Fibre Moulding technology. These doors serve as an excellent replacement for conventional steel doors, providing a series of tangible benefits:

  • Low weight
  • Superior rigidity
  • Stainless
  • Heat-resistant

Colour, surface, embedded features, size and shape are defined individually to match the customer’s wishes and requirements.

Other internals in polyurethane or composite

  • Platforms and floors
  • Ladder components
  • Cable trays and cable holders
  • Hatches
  • Corners and connectors for railings


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