An unbalanced wind turbine blade can prove costly

Imbalance in the blades can diminish production and increase wear on the main bearings and other critical turbine components. Perfect balancing of the blades is therefore crucial to optimal operation. It is likewise essential to ensure that the solution is robust and that the rotor can be re-balanced on site if it becomes necessary to carry out repairs that alter the weight of the blade.

Two robust solutions for balancing your turbine blades
PolyTech has years of experience in balancing wind turbine blades using two methods:

  1. Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM), where a liquid HD polyurethane is injected into a specially designed balance chamber, after which the polymer hardens. The actual injection takes place through a 5 mm hole, so it is not necessary to apply structural covering to the hole subsequently.

  2. Casting customised polyurethane components and then mounting them in the blade.

Both methods provide significant benefits:

  • The flexibility of the blade is not affected.
  • Polyurethane is neutral in relation to lightning strikes.
  • Balancing can be carried out on-site, thus minimising downtime.


Why use PolyTech solutions for balancing your turbine blades?

  • The liquid, 2-component polymer hardens inside the blade, creating a solid polyurethane moulding compound.
  • Liquid injection allows on-site balancing of the turbine blades.
  • PolyTech supplies equipment for automatic injection of the liquid polyurethane. This helps secure the critical processes and ensures that the procedure can be completed with full data integration with SCADA for minimal downtime.

PolyTech has been delivering systems for balancing blades all over the world for two decades, so you can be sure that the systems are thoroughly tried and tested – and fully documented.



Kenneth Iversen
Business Development Director
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