Have the blade root work with the blade. Not against it

PolyTech bulkhead design allows the blade to move freely and to ovalise during operation, without causing stress and cracks in the root end. The bulkhead likewise forms a seal between blade and hub, preventing the two environments from mixing unnecessarily. The effective polyurethane solution simultaneously reduces weight, costs and installation time. This means you gain all possible benefits in a single product.

Choose a more stable bulkhead solution with full flexibility
An inflexible edge secured to the blade root can result in inappropriate stiffness in an area that is designed to ovalise during wind turbine operation.

Bulkheads from PolyTech give you a solid platform with a soft, flexible edge. The combination creates a stable work area, where movements are absorbed and work with the blade rather than against it.

Why choose the PolyTech bulkhead solution?

  • Provides robust division without affecting dynamics or flexibility
  • Assures full freedom for ovalisation in the blade root
  • Reduces both weight and costs in relation to conventional solutions
  • Cuts the installation time

The PolyTech bulkhead solution is a fully optimised product that provides tangible benefits on key parameters such as weight, costs, logistics and flexibility.

Kenneth Iversen
Business Development Director
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