Effective protection and sealing of wind turbine hubs

Transport damage and water penetrating the hub prior to installation or during operation can result in undesirable costs and delays. So there are many good reasons to seal finished hubs effectively during storage – and to protect them against transport damage.

An effective sealing and transport solution will soon pay for itself
PolyTech helps develop customised solutions for sealing hubs and protecting them during storage and transport.

Our solutions will typically be centred around polyurethane moulding compound or polyurethane foam. This ensures you receive a solution that is both strong and flexible. At the same time, this extraordinary material lays the foundations for making appreciable savings – not only in production, but also in other parts of your value chain.

Why choose PolyTech’s customised solutions for sealing and protecting hubs?

  • Adapted to the geometry of the hub model in question
  • Effectively seals the hub
  • Protects the hub during transport
  • Reduces your costs
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