Generate more value in your towers

While the tower may not be the part of the wind turbine that features the most technology, it still provides a range of large and small opportunities for you to reduce your Cost of Energy (CoE). PolyTech supplies components and solutions that optimise conditions with regard to transport, weight, strength, installation time, maintenance, service life and function.

Steel and aluminium have been used since the beginning of the wind industry. But they are not always the smartest choice

PolyTech views the wind turbine industry from a holistic perspective. That is why we always think about all main parts and all components when we team up with the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers to reduce their costs, improve their product performance and optimise their competitiveness.

Even though the focus is often directed towards the “powerhouse” of the wind turbine - i.e. the blades – there are often benefits to be gained in the hub, nacelle and tower.

In this context, we develop and manufacture solutions that make transporting wind turbine towers safer and simpler. As leading specialists in polyurethane, we also help our customers to replace steel with reinforced lightweight components in relevant places in the tower - including platforms, doors, hatches, ladder sections and cable holders.

A door to new benefits
PolyTech provides tower doors made using Rapid Fibre Moulding technology. These doors serve as an excellent replacement for conventional steel doors, providing a series of tangible benefits:

  • Low weight
  • Superior rigidity
  • Stainless
  • Heat-resistant

Colour, surface, embedded features, size and shape are defined individually to match the customer’s wishes and requirements.



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