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We are an industrial development house with accredited test centers and our own large-scale production facilities. This enables you to place a large part of your value chain with one and the same Tier 1 supplier, while simultaneously tapping into a more agile, dynamic, and flexible process all the way from initial need and idea to fully-tested and implemented solution.

Individual needs call for individual solutions
The majority of the R&D projects we handle at Polytech are targeted at generating value in areas that are positioned on the periphery of your core business – or completely outside it.

Taking as our starting point in-depth insight into the sector and full familiarity with materials, adhesion methods, production processes, logistics, assembly and maintenance, we enter into close, trustful working relationships with relevant departments and employees in your organizations. From here, ideas, innovation, and unique solutions blossom in a mutually beneficial partnership focused clearly on your specific challenge – from start to finish.

As a key aspect of our value creation, we bring in the necessary resources to ensure that we constantly keep pace with the ever-increasing complexity that distinguishes the wind power industry. Including the new standards introduced on an ongoing basis to ensure uniformly high quality in key areas.

Efficient workflow
You can involve us at Polytech at multiple levels and/or in multiple phases of your product development and innovation. However, our efficient workflow will allow you to draw more value from the working relationship the earlier in your R&D project you contact us. This is because it will give us the opportunity to work with you to view all angles of the assignment and create a holistic solution. It will likewise enable us to see the challenge in a longer-term and more profitable context.

As key aspect of your R&D partnership with Polytech, you can have us perform a variety of tests as the work progresses, and ask us to produce samples and prototypes as we go – without losing momentum in the project. Quite simply because we have all the relevant facilities and produce the necessary tools in-house. Quickly and flexibly.

Find out more about the six phases in our workflow.

Why involve Polytech in your R&D projects? 

  • Demand-specific R&D sparring
  • Design fit for purpose
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Integration
  • Accredited test laboratory
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Digital customer integration (SAP, etc.)
  • Global set-up for optimal integration and logistics





Søren F. Madsen
Head of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
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