Project Management
Project Management

Your development projects are in good hands at Polytech

We are a Tier 1 supplier to several of the world’s leading players in the wind turbine industry. Which is why you can feel completely confident in outsourcing your R&D projects to us - with regard to project management, costs and the finished result.

Choose an R&D partner with an eye for the details every step of the way
As a full-service development house for the wind turbine industry, we have all the necessary skills in-house, structured in a thoroughly tested workflow comprising six well-defined phases.

Even before the official start of a new development project, we allocate one of our experienced project managers to the assignment. Our project managers know the sector, the customers, the products, the production apparatus and the rest of the value chain to an extent that allows us to manage the process securely from start to finish.

This means that as our customer, you are free from a great many of the concerns and decisions that are otherwise part and parcel of large R&D projects in particular. At the same time, you and your R&D team will of course be kept informed and involved to the extent you desire as the project progresses.

The everyday working relationship is facilitated by a high degree of digital integration involving, for instance, video conferences, cloud-based document platforms and other digital project management tools that help the processes and dialogue to flow smoothly. All, naturally, backed by the highest level of data protection and digital security.

Why let Polytech bring your development projects safely home?

  • Full-service project management
  • Tried and tested workflow
  • Documented experience
  • Project managers skilled in the relevant technology and processes
  • Digital integration via cloud-based platforms
  • Video conferences
  • Maximum data security
  • Ongoing status information


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