Rapid prototyping
Rapid prototyping

Have a 3D model made of your product. Fast, accurate, and competitively priced

You can run as many in-depth calculations and visualizations as you like, but a physical model will always give you the best basis for assessing a new product before escalating it to full-scale production. At Polytech, we have the facilities and expertise to create your 3D model fast and accurately.

Test your product in physical form before starting production

The keys to successful product development are preparation, pace, and the capacity to make the necessary adjustments as you progress.

Rapid prototyping is a crucial element in such an agile approach to R&D. Physical prototypes will often provide your only reliable opportunity to measure, test and reach conclusions on aspects such as geometries, size, choice of materials and function. Of course, there are inherent benefits to having R&D, design, CAD skills, tool-making department and production apparatus all together at the same address.

We provide rapid prototyping on the basis of the following processes:

  1. Calculation
  2. Design
  3. Visualization (CAD)
  4. Production

Depending on the results from the subsequent tests, a full-scale prototype can be built using the actual materials intended for the end product, such as polyurethane. With an in-house tool-making department and a flexible production apparatus, we have everything we need to build full-scale prototypes of this kind in a remarkably short time – and at favorable prices.

In other cases, it may be sufficient to make a prototype using additive layer manufacturing technology (3D printing) and on a smaller scale where appropriate. This latter process helps cut time and costs even further.

Validation and tests
When your prototype is to be tested and form the basis for final batch production, our DANAK accredited test centers are at your disposal.

One test center is located close to our design department and production facilities in Bramming, Denmark. We can therefore run all tests quickly and without encountering the logistical challenges usually associated with having development, manufacturing and test facilities spread across multiple suppliers and locations.

If the assignment has to do with testing complete Lightning Protection Systems (LPS), subsidiary solutions or components for LPS, we can deal with it quickly and efficiently at our full-scale lightning laboratory in Herning, Denmark.

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