Use our services to optimise your bottom line

Polytech is home to some of the most skilled and experienced specialists in the wind power industry. In addition to our R&D services, our test centres, our production setup and our products and solutions for both OEM and after-market, we supply a range of matchless services. All with the shared goal of generating extra value for your business.

Risk analyses, inspections and courses – in familiar Polytech quality
Over the years, Polytech has built up deep insight into many of the physical, technical and practical challenges that distinguish the wind power industry.

In a number of cases, our know-how and experience in a specific area have laid the foundations for related services. Quite simply because this has enabled us to generate additional value for our customers.

Our comprehensive knowledge about lightning and lightning protection, for example, has put us in a position to conduct the risk analyses that are playing an increasingly important role for investors, insurance companies, OEMs and operators in step with the trend of erecting wind turbines in locations that are increasingly exposed to the impact of weather conditions.

We also perform wind turbine inspections at sites all over the world. Inspections where Polytech’s holistic and detail-oriented approach to wind turbine optimisation really comes into its own, serving as a guarantee of high quality.

Finally, we run courses on topics including lightning protection. Many of our customers have drawn on Polytech’s comprehensive knowledge when looking to upgrade the skills of their employees and partners.

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