Test & Validation
Test & Validation

Our accredited test centres make it easier to reach the right decisions

The best way to make good decisions is to base them solidly on knowledge. The capacity to perform the necessary tests is therefore a crucial aspect of any R&D project and, indeed, any ongoing product validation. Fast, efficient and at a competitive price.

Gain access to a broad spectrum of both standardised and customised tests
At PolyTech’s advanced laboratories in Bramming and Herning, Denmark, we perform both standardised tests and validated tests adapted to match the wishes and requirements of the individual customer exactly.

The test centres are accredited by DANAK in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. This is your certified guarantee of the highest possible quality – and for maximum protection of your development projects and test results.

The test centres and their facilities are called upon regularly when PolyTech is developing new products and concepts in close partnership with our customers. The ongoing tests of materials, surfaces and complete prototypes enable us to make fast (and well-documented) decisions, and thus to maintain momentum in the project. This results in more competitive products that perform better and last longer.

External customers
Operating two accredited test centres, it is only natural for us also to make our services available for R&D projects conducted without PolyTech’s involvement.

In other words, you are most welcome to contact us if you want to have quality tests carried out as a part of your internal development projects, or to provide documentation of various product properties. To find out more, go to www.testandvalidation.com.

Test types
PolyTech’s two test centres provide tests within the main categories listed below. Click the individual categories to find out more.

  1. Standardised tests
  2. Erosion tests
  3. Lightning tests and high-voltage tests
  4. Environmental tests
  5. Mechanical tests








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