Erosion test

During its lifetime, a wind turbine blade is subject to continual wear from raindrops, dust particles, hailstones, insects and more. Further, the blade is affected by temperatures ranging from freezing cold winters to hot summers; by ultraviolet radiation and, at coastal or offshore sites; by a constant exposure to corrosion from seawater.


  • PolyTech is specialized in testing the quality and resistance of various surfaces and coatings
  • We perform tests for customers as well as impartial third party
  • Our test lab comprises the latest and most precise testing equipment
  • Each test is done according to customer requirements
  • PolyTech offers weathering according to ISO 16474-2 in combination with rain erosion testing according to the ASTM International G73-10 test standard.


We regularly simulate operating conditions all over the world and combine erosion testing with a variety of other crucial test, such as UV Exposure, Salt spray, Bonding, Peeling and many more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about erosion testing. You may also visit for additional information and ordering your tests.

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