Wind Power
Wind Power

We help wind turbine manufacturers, service providers and energy companies to optimize their products – and bolster their bottom line

The world needs sustainable forms of energy. Concepts that can compete on equal terms with fossil fuels – even from the perspective of the financial business case. The wind turbine industry is therefore facing one challenge above all others: to remain competitive by constantly improving annual energy production from wind turbines, and by reducing the Cost of Energy.

Customized systems, concepts and components

No matter whether you work with Research & Development, Technical Engineering, Sourcing, Quality Management, Logistics, Operations, or Service & Maintenance, we can help you reach your business goals.

As an industrial consultancy company with in-house design skills (R&D), accredited test centers and our own large-scale production apparatus, we have specialized in understanding – and tackling – the challenges that global players in the wind power industry encounter on a daily basis.

By combining our in-depth knowledge about wind turbines in general - and blades in particular - with our holistic insight into materials, Design for Manufacturing and Design for Integration, we contribute to the development of innovative solutions in close collaboration with our customers and based on mutual confidence. These solutions sometimes involve reducing the costs of an existing component or function, but could equally well be targeted at developing a new product or concept that outperforms an existing solution from the technical (and often financial) perspective.

On account of our global setup and our holistic approach to each and every challenge, we are a Tier 1 supplier and trusted partner to several of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers, Independent Service Providers (ISP) and energy companies.

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Why Polytech is such a strong partner for the wind turbine industry

  • Demand-specific R&D sparring
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Integration
  • Design fit for purpose
  • Automated large-scale production
  • Accredited test laboratory
  • Accredited lightning laboratory
  • Global set-up
  • Digital customer integration (SAP, etc.)
  • Certified in accordance with the APQP4Wind™ standard
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