Blade Monitoring & Optimization
Blade Monitoring & Optimization

Take the load off your blades 

Knowing accurate blade loads on your wind turbine can save material costs, increase the range of possible sites, extend life time, and increase annual energy yield.

Blade load reduction for your wind turbine

Longer blades mean increased wind loads and, in turn, more mechanical stress on the entire turbine. To counter this, we at Polytech use fiber optics, IIoT measurement technology, and smart data to craft our most intelligent blade monitoring system.


Blade load monitoring to expand the range of possible sites

One way to use our sensor technology is for blade load monitoring, which is a vital part of any individual pitch control system. This allows you to design the mechanical structures more cost-effectively and thus massively reduce the material costs of the entire rotor. At the same time, it opens the possibility of using the same turbine type for a wider range of wind conditions as well as optimizing the design for specific locations.   


In short, it expands the range of economically viable sites for your turbines and allows for significantly increased energy production through larger rotors in the same wind class. All of which helps make your turbines more competitive in the international arena.



Blade load monitoring on wind turbine rotor blades

Blade load monitoring on wind turbine rotor blades

Ice detection for safe and maximized operations during icing events

Our sensor technology also can be used for ice monitoring, allowing you to accurately measure the amount of ice directly on each blade. The moment your blades are ice free, the turbine restarts, and you’re back in business. No need to wait for visual inspection causing unnecessary downtime


Condition monitoring for optimized maintenance planning

We developed our blade condition monitoring system to detect and monitor structural damages to rotor blades and to optimize maintenance and repair planning. We use the same, DNV-certified hardware configuration as in our ice detection system.

Sustainable and durable sensor technology

Polytechs blade sensor technology is based on fiber optics, making it immune to lightning strikes, and giving it unlimited cable length. The durability is unmatched, far outlasting the lifetime of the wind turbine itself. Now that should take the load off your shoulders. 



Your added value at a glance:

  • Lightning-resistant and maintenance-free system
  • Designed to last the turbine’s lifetime
  • Less material needed in blade production 
  • Wider range of potential sites
  • Increased annual energy production 



You want to find out more about load monitoring systems for wind turbine rotor blades? Then contact us!

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