Polytech’s courses in lightning and Lightning Protection Systems provide your employees with valuable knowledge

Insight is the key to success. When working on major LPS projects, we therefore often start by holding a customer workshop where we provide the engineers, technicians and service staff involved in the project with the requisite knowledge about lightning and Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). We can also organise customised courses for wind turbine owners, operators and others.

Polytech provides project-specific courses and on-demand training
With more than 20 years of experience and some of the world’s leading specialists in areas such as thunder, lightning and high-voltage working together under one roof, Polytech is able to provide expert education in the field of lightning.

Project-specific customer workshops
For major projects, we often recommend to the customer that they start with a workshop for the engineers, technicians and service staff involved, as well as any other relevant employees and, if appropriate, external partners.

At these workshops, we teach the participants what they need to know about lightning as an electrical phenomenon, and we explain the fundamental principles for mechanical lightning protection of wind turbines. At the same time, we work with key topics such as safety, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting and replacing subsidiary components.

This newly acquired knowledge makes it easier for employees to commit to the project and increases their motivation. It similarly elevates the quality of the working relationship and the general level of safety for both staff and equipment.

Tailored courses on demand
We also prepare tailored courses lasting one or more days. These courses are adapted to match the customer’s specific needs and can cover topics such as:

  • General lightning protection
  • Wind turbine lightning protection
  • Advanced turbine blade protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • EMC Management

Søren F. Madsen
Head of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
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