Customized Lightning Protection Systems
Customized Lightning Protection Systems

We have the expertise, the experience and the facilities to ensure the optimal lightning protection for your wind turbines

Lightning strikes are among the most common causes of shutdowns. As such, they constitute a phenomenon that proves extremely costly to wind turbine owners, increasing their OPEX and thus their Cost of Energy (CoE), if the wrong solution for protecting the turbine is chosen.

Customized Lightning Protection Systems in accordance with IEC 61400-24, Second edition
Our comprehensive range of engineering and production skills in the field of lightning protection have made us the wind turbine industry’s preferred partner in this area.

We simulate, develop, design, test, and manufacture Lightning Protection Systems (LPS), as well as associated components and solutions, to match individual specifications, wishes and requirements. This ensures you optimal peace of mind and a customized solution that is in accordance with the latest standard (IEC 61400-24, Second edition).

On request, we can also handle the entire development project, from initial specifications to final delivery. Most often, however, development takes place in the form of close and confidential sparring with your own development department. In such cases, we draw on the latest digital tools to ensure a process that is both flexible and secure.

Complete value chain
Our customized Lightning Protection Systems are created through a unique combination of:

  • specialist knowledge in the areas of lightning, electromagnetism and electrostatic
  • rapid prototyping and customer-specific solutions
  • specially developed polyurethane components with unique dielectric properties, thermal stability and extraordinary mechanical strength
  • specially developed high-voltage cables
  • high-volume production facilities
  • global delivery

All our solutions satisfy the latest standard (IEC 61400-24, Second edition), where the test requirements have been intensified and made mandatory, in contrast to the previous “informative” test sections.

Examples of customized LPS solutions from Polytech:

  • Aerodynamic tip receptors with integrated internal electrical insulation
  • Protection of the interface between tip receptor and blade
  • Edge receptor systems with integrated internal insulation
  • Surface protection of blades
  • High-voltage insulated conducting systems
  • Current transfer systems between blade and hub, hub and nacelle, and nacelle and tower
  • Lightning detection systems for measuring lightning strikes in wind turbines

Why have a customized Lightning Protection System developed at Polytech?

  • The world’s leading lightning experts
  • Expertise in materials and processes
  • Engineering design and sparring
  • Tailored for implementing in new wind turbines, or for retrofitting in previously commissioned turbines
  • High-volume production
  • Global logistics set-up
  • Own accredited full-scale lightning test laboratory with test capacity in line with international standards

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