Inspection of wind turbines
Inspection of wind turbines

Call on Polytech to perform independent third-party inspections of your wind turbines

Polytech’s specially trained technicians can both perform periodical inspections of wind turbines and provide assistance on an ad hoc basis. The inspections may be carried out as part of service visits for the maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems, or as independent assessments of damage – in connection with insurance claims, for example.

Inspections of wind turbines
Polytech is the market leader in the design, development and production of Lightning Protection Systems for wind turbines. The comprehensive specialist knowledge and the in-depth expertise we have built up over more than 20 years of operation benefit our customers at onshore and offshore sites all over the world.

Periodical inspection and maintenance
Our specially trained technicians can be commissioned to perform periodical inspection and maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems.

During inspections of this kind, our technicians check all parts visually for loose connections, signs of corrosion or changes that may necessitate replacement of components or other adaptation of your Lightning Protection System (LPS). It is likewise possible to perform resistance measurements and scans so as to collect data for the system in question.

They measure electrical resistance in the LPS with a low-resistance ohmmeter and document their findings in inspection reports for comparison with previous measurements.

Service contracts
We offer fixed service contracts for inspection and maintenance. This ensures that important checks are performed as planned and are not forgotten or postponed.

All service visits are documented electronically, and the relevant inspection forms are saved and protected.

If our technicians identify any incidents of damage to the Lightning Protection System, they repair them on site or report them for subsequent repair. In the event of serial damage, we can provide a solution that covers everything from design to testing and physical installation.

Søren F. Madsen
Head of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
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