Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System
Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System

Insights to your logistics you’ve never had before

With the Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System, you can see the status and utilization of your transport equipment, track equipment locations, and get automated alarms for incidents. The Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System reduces the amount of equipment needed, it improves your asset management, and reduces your overall logistics costs.

A milestone in wind turbine transportation

We developed Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System specifically for the wind industry – and as such, it is the first of its kind. We focused on solving all your major logistical challenges in the wind sector, such as your overspend on transport equipment, low utilization of equipment or lack of global asset overview.


But now you can leave these challenges behind. The Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System gives you crucial (and real-time) data on your equipment transport, and a platform for detailed asset management.


Utilization - See if your equipment is in use

When you move your turbine components around the world, it is difficult to know where things are. And more importantly, to know whether the components are still in transport or have been unloaded at the destination site.


That is why, one of the key elements of our Logistics Monitoring System is its utilization feature (patent-pending). The utilization feature allows you to see where your transport equipment is, and if they are in use (i.e., if it is still carrying your turbine equipment or not).


Polytech Insight logistics monitoring utilization  transport equipment wind turbine

The Logistics Monitoring Hub records the utilization and location data of your transport equipment.

Polytech Insight™ - access all the data you need. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Logistics Monitoring System gathers all the crucial data you need: location, date and time, utilization status. It even records special events, such as shocks or low battery levels, and measures the humidity in critical parts of your transported turbine components.


You can easily access all this data through the Polytech Insight™ platform, where you can control the location of all your equipment and its logistics history. The platform also generates automated notifications, alarms, and reports for you, so you will always know what is going on with your assets and can save time on monitoring.



Asset management at its best

By using our Polytech Insight™ platform, the data quickly becomes key information. You can minimize the quantity of transport equipment needed to be manufactured, moved, and serviced. You can better control your repairs and project allocation using the utilization feature. The traceability improves the prediction of transport dates, through which you can optimize your temporary import fees. And the incident notifications allow you to take early measures.


And the result of all this? Significant reductions in your logistical and operational costs.

Sustainability across the whole value chain

When you have the overview of all your assets and equipment usage, you no longer need to waste your resources on (re)ordering unnecessary transport equipment. And as such, you will instantly reduce your CO2 footprint by producing less waste and using less steel.


With better utilization of equipment, you also optimize your logistics and can plan better. No more wasted kilometers on the road.


And the fact that you can replace the batteries in the monitoring hub (a feature that is patent pending) ensures that you can reuse the solution again and again. Now this is what we call Wind for life™.


Your added value at a glance

  • Approximately 20% less equipment required from improved asset management through utilization and location insights
  • Significant reduction of your CO2 footprint



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