Protection and Storage

Safe transport and storage of your turbines

Our PUR pads and storage frames ensure that your turbines and components arrive safe and intact to the storage and installation sites. Perfectly matched geometry, optimized friction, and intelligent tracing.

Protection starts with the material

We have 25 years of in-house material expertise in working with polyurethane (PUR) and other relevant materials used in the wind industry. Using the right material can significantly cut your costs. It will not only protect your turbine components much better, but the protection pads will also last much longer than cheaper, low-quality materials that are not fit for the purpose. So, your overall costs in the long term will be much lower - and so will your CO2 footprint.


Rapid prototyping. Fast delivery. Perfectly matched geometry.

As a full-scope supplier, we have all the specialists and processes in-house. This also means we move from idea generation to prototyping in 2 weeks. And from there, full delivery is just a stone’s throw away.


By understanding your challenges, we work – often closely with your own experts – to provide you custom-made solutions that meet your requirements. Once we establish the perfect material and design for your needs, we use a variety of molding technologies to develop the pads and frames that will perfectly match your components’ structures.


wind turbine transport PUR pad RFID chip tracing

With the built-in RFID chips, you can trace your PUR pads down to a single batch

Tested and validated to ensure complete protection

All our transport equipment and solutions are tested extensively at our accredited testing laboratory to ensure optimal friction, compression, shear loads, and bonding. And of course, we carry out all these tests according to the latest international standards.


PUR pads and storage frames for full protection and traceability

Our PUR pads are UV-resistant and are coated with fire retardants to give your components extra protection. They have built-in RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chips that allow unique ID numbers for each pad with 100% traceability.


Our storage frames have universal size​, and you can use them for storing towers, blades, and nacelle parts​. They come with exchangeable PUR pads and are easy to store and transport.



Your added value at a glance

  • Safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions
  • Designed to match the geometry of the individual structure perfectly
  • Short time-to-market


You want to find out more about transport equipment and solutions for wind turbines? Then take a look at our Virtual Expo or contact us!



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