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We bring sustainable solutions to life that improve the durability and performance of wind turbines.


We want to make wind the preferred source of energy through innovation and collaboration.

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The purpose

Polytech improves blade performance and protects wind turbine components from wear and tear. Onshore. Offshore.

Our expertise lies in extending the operational lifespan, maximizing yield, ensuring high uptime, and, in the end, boosting the return on investment on your wind parks.

Since 1994, we have developed solutions and monitoring systems for almost all wind turbine manufacturers and a long list of asset owners applying our know-how and material expertise.

Today, over 50% of wind turbine blades produced worldwide are protected by a Polytech solution.

The materials

Our solutions are some of the most durable in the industry, often lasting or living longer than the entire lifetime of a wind farm.

We are born out of polyurethane (PUR); one of the strongest, most versatile, and most durable industry materials, hence our name Polytech. But today, we are also deeply rooted in carbon, aluminum, fiber optics, and steel.

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The approach

Our vision is to enhance asset performance while driving down the levelized cost of energy.

Through innovative R&D and holistic solutions, we strive to deliver measurable value to your renewable energy portfolio. 

Our integrated approach combines large-scale, lean production, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and cross-disciplinary collaboration between material scientists and engineers. This leads to a seamless transition from innovative concepts to practical solutions.

The technology

We are dedicated to making wind power a more viable and competitive choice by introducing groundbreaking technologies and leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT). 

IoT is the foundation of the 70,000+ Polytech fiber optic sensors that are monitoring wind turbine blades worldwide right now. 

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The global footprint

With locations and a workforce of more than 400 people across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, we are strategically positioned to serve the global market.

The sustainability

We are continuously working on reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and solutions, but we will not compromise on performance and durability.

To us, sustainable solutions mean doing it right the first time. One investment that lasts a lifetime.

Our mission aligns with the global shift towards renewables. What is good for your business, must be also good for the environment.

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