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Sustainability Strategy

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Sustainability at core

Sustainability is an integrated part of our decision-making and our corporate culture. Our operations are spread around the world, and therefore we have a unique opportunity to act on a global scale.


We wish to be a beacon for sustainability in the wind industry. Not merely by launching sustainable solutions, but by being a sustainable company all the way through: from research and development, manufacturing, global supply to end of life

Mads Kirkegaard, CEO

Certified in SDG

As the first in the wind industry, Bureau Veritas certified our work in the United Nations’ 17 SDGs in 2020.

Download our SDG certification here.

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What is sustainability to us?

To us, sustainability is about:

Durability is an important cornerstone in providing sustainable solutions. Our solutions are some of the most durable in the industry, often lasting longer than the entire lifetime of a wind farm. Competing solutions may require extra downtime or a year-on-year repair. That is not sustainable in our view.

We are continuously working on reducing our carbon footprint in our operations and products, but we will not compromise on durability. By providing durable solutions, we are also reducing our customers’ carbon footprint. Because durable solutions mean less repairs, less transport, and less new materials.

Our sustainability targets

All our sustainability targets support primarily four SDGs: SDG7, SDG12, SDG13, SDG14.

Enhancing wind turbines

Polytech improves blade performance and protects wind turbine components from wear and tear. Our expertise lies in extending the operational lifespan, maximizing yield, ensuring high uptime, and, in the end, boosting the return on investment on wind turbines. With these, we contribute to making wind the preferred source of energy.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We strive to use degradable materials and replace oil-based materials with plant-based ones. We are also working on recycling PUR and hazardous waste and reducing our waste in production. And when it comes to reuse, our rain erosion tester is now reusing water that saved 50% of our water consumption in the facility.

Climate in focus

We consider our climate and environment in everything we do. We recycle, reduce, and reuse to lower our impact on the climate. We are also reducing our electricity consumption both in production and at our offices globally. And when it comes to our solutions, they help reduce our customer’s climate impact through e.g., reducing travelled kilometers through optimizing logistics.

Offshore protection

With the increase of offshore wind parks, there is also an increase of impact on the offshore environment. As our solutions protect wind turbines against wear and tear, they also reduce the number of repairs that usually involve long distances travelled by vessels. Our solutions also optimize transportation and maintenance planning, which can further reduce unnecessary transport offshore.

Case: 21% CO2 reduction through own polyurethane formulation

Polyurethane (PUR) is one of the main materials we use in our solutions. Our PUR interfaces are for example used on transport and storage equipment to protect the wind turbine components, such as blades and towers, during transport and storage.

PUR is made out oil-based raw materials with a large CO2 footprint.

And this we wanted to address.

Using our material expertise, we have replaced some of the oil-based raw materials in the PUR with plant-based raw materials. With this special Polytech PUR formulation, we have reduced the CO2 footprint of our PUR transport interfaces by 21%.

Today, we produce all our transport interfaces using this own PUR formulation.

But the future is even brighter. We have also proved that we can reduce the CO2 footprint of the interfaces by 51% in the future through recycling of PUR. And this is what we are working towards to.


This project was chosen as one of the finalists for Denmark Sustainable Cases 2023 by Denmark’s leading media, Børsen. Read our submission here (in Danish).

Polytech Social Responsbility

Social responsibility and corporate integrity

Our values unite us. They drive our actions towards employees, business partners, and the society around us.

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