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At Polytech, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  

Powered by solid R&D expertise, our integrated approach combines large-scale, lean production, state-of-the-art testing facilities, and cross-disciplinary collaboration between material scientists and engineers.

This is our recipe for turning innovative concepts into practical solutions that elevate our customers’ investments in wind energy.  

Our R&D units - the brain behind innovation

Our R&D framework is structured around three major units:

  • Materials expertise
  • Mechanical technology
  • Electronics & Digital technology

Each unit serves as a vital cornerstone in our innovation engine, tackling challenges facing wind energy. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to cross-disciplinary collaboration.

By bringing together engineers, material scientists and wind experts, we create a melting pot of ideas and expertise. This collaborative approach allows us to not only develop groundbreaking solutions but to also ensure they are practical and effective in real-world applications.

R&D Prototyping Wind Turbine Transport

Material Expertise

  • Materials with unmatched durability
  • Leading Edge Protection
  • Own polyurethane (PUR) formulation

Electronics & Digital

  • Sensors & devices
  • Embedded Software
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data-driven, fact-based insights

Mechanical & Lightning Expertise

  • Engineering & Design
  • Advanced Engineering & Simulation
  • Electrical Mechanical
  • Lightning expertise from within the wind industry

Wind Expertise

  • Experts with PhDs and other expertise from the wind industry
  • Driving industry standards through by sitting in steering committees at IEC

Polytech Technology Centers

Unmatched product reliability and quality assurance ensured by in-house test and validation processes. Polytech Test centers are accredited by DANAK according to ISO 17025 and offer a wide variety of accredited as well as specialized tests.

Lightning Polytech Herning Test Center Wind Turbine Blade

Test Center - Herning (DK)

Lightning testing

Rain Erosion Tester (1)

Test Center - Bramming (DK)

Material and environmental testing


Prototype Workshop

Prototyping with 3D printing and tooling in house

Lightning Test Center Wind Turbine

Test and validation

Certainty beats assumption.

Our state-of-the-art test centers perform both standardized and validated, non-standardized tests that are customized to meet the needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Accredited by DANAK (Danish Accreditation Fund, which is a member of ILAC) according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, you get guaranteed high-quality test results. This ensures that your wind turbine components and systems are reliable and durable, giving you a piece of mind.

External customers

As an accredited, independent test center, we also offer our services to R&D projects. Your tests and test results remain in full confidentiality.

Read more about our test centers and the available tests on this page.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Our locations in Denmark, China and Mexico have advanced production facilities, operated by highly skilled employees, to turn ideas that come from the innovation pipeline into groundbreaking products and solutions.

Efficient processes, FMEA, and a high degree of automation ensure maximum precision and full flexibility – all around the world.

China Mesh