Quality and Quality Management
Quality and Quality Management

We have the tools to assure quality in both development and production

Uniform high quality and full traceability. These are two of the tangible benefits of working with us at Polytech. We work on the basis of recognised QM tools such as APQP4Wind, SCADA, FMEA, PPAP and Six Sigma. In addition, our facilities are certified in accordance with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 29001 (oil and gas industry) and ISO 17025 (test laboratory).

We do not measure quality in months or years. We measure it in generations.

Polytech always takes the long-term view. Both as regards our customer relations and the service lives of our products. With regard to the latter, our goal is to ensure that each and every product performs at a consistently high level for at least 25 years – thus fulfilling its function throughout the service life of a wind turbine.

We have been applying approaches such as PPAP, APQP, FMEA and Six Sigma in our quality management work for many years.

Today, APQP4Wind is the standard that primarily sets the framework for both our development work and our production. Many of our employees have therefore trained as APQP4Wind specialists, and the entire Polytech management team has completed the APQP4Wind Management Awareness Training course.

APQP4Wind has been developed by the Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) with the objective of assuring ongoing quality improvements and reduced costs.

ApQP4 Wind

Click here to find out more about APQP4Wind.

Inspection of incoming goods and final test

Polytech’s accredited and ISO 17025-certified test centre plays a key role in our quality assurance work. We test both geometric and physical specifications in accordance with certified procedures.

The quality assurance process includes:

  • Fully automatic 3D measurement with SPC reporting
  • Measurement of viscosity
  • Measurement of hardness, surface roughness and thickness of magnetic layers
  • Microscopy with photo documentation
  • Stretch tests
  • Thermal imaging
  • Data logging of test parameters


Certified CO2-neutral

We all share a responsibility for the environment and for protecting our planet’s resources. Polytech therefore supports Denmark’s transition to green energy by ensuring that we use CO2-neutral wind energy to cover all energy consumption at our facilities.

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