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Bringing Polytech to subsea

At Polytech, our mission is to bring sustainable solutions to life that improve the durability and performance of wind turbines. These solutions have so far been protecting and enhancing turbines onshore and offshore globally.

But more focus is needed offshore. Offshore wind is projected to be a major driver in the world’s energy transition with around US$1 trillion investment flowing into the sector over the next decade (WoodMackenzie, 2022). This acceleration also brings increasing component sizes and weights, more complex structures, and an increased focus on balancing the levelized cost of energy with factors such as environment, system integration, and sustainability (WoodMackenzie, 2022).

Within the offshore area, floating wind particularly has been on the rise. Floating turbines are heavier and more complex than their fixed offshore equivalents and tend to be installed in harsher deeper waters.

All these bring increased installation costs - and repair costs if something goes wrong. As such, getting it right the first time is even more important here than elsewhere.

Enter Polytech.

Having been a global partner for the wind industry for almost 30 years, we are bringing sustainable materials and circularity to subsea. From concept through manufacturing to operations, we have a proven track record in offering holistic, scalable, and circular solutions that last the turbines’ lifetime.

Now we are now bringing all this expertise to subsea.

Polytech Subsea 01

We venture out to protect and enhance your subsea cable installations by:

  • Using the right materials that are tested and validated at our accredited test center
  • Supporting the subsea cable configuration to ensure that it always falls within the design limits
  • Providing tailor-made and innovative solutions for efficient installation on vessels to reduce your transport and logistics footprint

Keep an eye out on our upcoming solutions that will solve your challenges during cable installations and operations.