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Data reveals stabilized energy production with ELLE™

Installing ELLE™ on eroded blades?

Proven to secure and even increase the annual energy production.

This is what one of our customers has seen upon a benchmark analysis.

The analyzed wind park lies onshore Canada. The turbines had lightly eroded blades, which meant that our customer was already experiencing a loss of energy production.

1 year (!) after installation of our leading edge protection softshell, ELLE™, the turbines’ annual energy production levels stabilized, and had even shown a slight increase of 0.4% compared to the year before (using the same wind distribution and using wind data from the measurement tower at the park).


This analysis proved that:

  1. ELLE™ protected the blades from further erosion and 
  2. it stabilized and even increased the energy production and turbine performance slightly across the entire wind farm.

So if you or someone in your network is concerned about turbine performance with ELLE™, remember this benchmark analysis and the one from the Danish wind farm.