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DNV report on turbine performance with ELLE™

Installing ELLE™ on newly repaired blades?


DNV [...] conclude that there is no statistically significant evidence that the installation of ELLE has any effect on turbine performance, [...]



This was DNV’s conclusion when they analyzed operational data from two near-shore wind turbines in Denmark.

They compared power output and wind speed data recorded by the SCADA system from one turbine before and after the installation of our leading edge protection softshell, ELLE™, and the same data from a parallel, unmodified turbine (i.e., without ELLE™) as a reference. The blades were newly repaired and showed no erosion.

This benchmark analysis from an independent third party proves that our ELLE™ shell does not reduce turbine performance, even if installed on newly repaired blades.

But what happens with the turbine performance when you install the shells on eroded blades? Stay tuned for another benchmark analysis from North America…