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DNV verifies ELLE’s lifetime durability

In 2021, we published the results of our lifetime estimations of ELLE™, which followed the DNV-RP-0573. This included extensive, thousands of hours of rain erosion testing according to DNV-RP-0171, combined with 25 weeks of aging cycles.

In addition to this, we also followed the extensive methodology outlined in DNV-RP-0573 to evaluate the risk of delamination of ELLE™.

These data and calculation methodology described in DNV-RP-0573 provided the foundation for our site-specific leading edge erosion calculator.

We are now proud to announce that

DNV verified our lifetime calculations, ELLE™’s estimated durability, and all related test results according to DNV-RP-0573.

Read our press release here

In the verification letter, DNV states that

[…], DNV finds that the results are interpreted in a conservative manner that is likely to underestimate the calculated durability of the protection system.


This means that our lifetime calculations are in fact underestimating ELLE™’s durability. As such, the erosion risk report that you get using our leading edge erosion calculator shows a conservative estimate of the durability for ELLE™ at your site.

When we brought ELLE™ to the market in 2016, we wanted to put an end to leading edge erosion on all wind turbine blades. After years of development, improvements, and testing, we now have DNV’s confirmation that we are on the right track.

ELLE™ is the solution for preventing and stopping leading edge erosion. A one-time investment that is proven to last the lifetime of your turbines.