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It all starts with the material

Whether it is your blade add-ons, your leading edge protection or your other turbine components, one thing matters: when you put it on, you need to be sure that it stays on and undamaged throughout the turbine’s lifetime - regardless of environmental conditions. This will ensure optimum performance and will minimize costly downtime and repairs.

Peel tests

When it comes to blade add-ons, you need a strong tape material that glues two surfaces together. And if the tape has perfect adhesion (i.e., it sticks perfectly to both surfaces), then it will split when pulled apart in a peel test.



Based on our accredited and customized peel tests, we can recommend you the best choice of materials, the best choice of adhesion, and the best choice of priming.

So we will make sure that whatever you want to attach to your turbines, they will stay on.


Tensile test

Our tensile tests ensure that all our materials and solutions will withstand the most extreme wind conditions that your turbines might experience.

No sudden surprises and no expensive repairs.



Impact test

The last thing you want to see on your wind turbine is a broken element. Whether it is small or big, it can affect your turbine’s performance to the extent that you start to lose money.

That is why we carry out impact tests to ensure that all materials are durable throughout the turbines’ lifetime.