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Leading edge protection - the truth behind concerns

Leading edge protection solutions lead to annual energy production loss”. It is common to hear such a claim. But what evidence is out there to support this claim? And should annual energy production (AEP) be your main decision factor when choosing leading edge protection (LEP) for your turbines?

Some might also say it is a waste of money to install LEP in factory, because a fresh blade is at its peak of producing the most energy.

Others might show you their AEP calculations, where they calculate with a perfect blade (i.e., no erosion).

And there are those that calculate their AEP loss and related financial losses over the years, but do not consider any other factors.

In the upcoming weeks, we will bring you lab data from wind tunnel tests and field data from operating wind turbine sites in North America and Europe.

Because we believe data and a holistic view is your best chance to fight leading edge erosion. And your best chance to protect your turbines.