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Polytech drives standardization for lightning protection systems

At Polytech, we recognize the value of industry standards. These standards define the requirements for the design and verification of wind turbines.

Having the right requirements can minimize the risks for lightning damage. And this can save major costs for OEMs, owners, and insurance companies.

When experts from the entire value chain come together, including OEMs, owners, operators, test facilities, and suppliers, we have the power to redefine the baseline and take WTG design processes to a new level.

Polytech plays a very active role in this field. We are sending three of our lightning experts to the first meeting in IEC on the topic. Head of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Søren F. Madsen, Team Manager Javier Lopez, and Manager for Lightning Tests & Validation Andreas Christensen will join the meeting on November 7-8.

They bring their insights to the table on wind turbine design tools, numerical modeling, and lightning verification testing. Add to that our unprecedented database of the recently gathered 1,000+ lightning measurements on operating wind turbines.

We are proud to take part in the IEC S-588 MT24 meeting series. The new revision of IEC 61400-24 Ed2 (2019) will not only benefit our customers, but the wind industry as a whole.

If you are having lightning protection issues, do not hesitate to contact our test and validation or sales team.