Performance & Structural Components
Performance & Structural Components

Choose add-ons that stay on

Rotor blade add-ons optimize the operation of your wind turbine - reduced noise, improved aerodynamic performance, decreased energy production costs. And long-lasting at the same time.

Wind turbine blade add-ons are ideal when it comes to reducing noise and improving the aerodynamic performance of your blades. As such, they can be a good investment in lowering the levelized cost of energy. Provided, of course, that they are built to last. Few add-ons are. In fact, add-ons that fall off or get damaged often result in costly service calls.


Long-lasting rotor blade add-ons

At Polytech, we decided it was time to get blade add-ons right once and for all. That’s why all our add-ons undergo comprehensive salt spray, temperature and UV testing at our accredited test centers to ensure perfect adhesion and longevity. We also perform both peel tests and impact tests. 



And since add-ons alter the original design of the blade, we often develop these solutions in close partnership with our customers’ aerodynamics engineers, and always with the emphasis on quality.


The end result is site and turbine specific add-ons that are designed to last the lifetime of the blade. And that’s a good investment.


Various rotor blade add-ons

We currently produce wind turbine blade add-ons such as serrations, vortex generators, T-spoilers, and gurney flaps — but we welcome new challenges, and are always open to your ideas.



Your added value at a glance

  • Extensive in-house expertise
  • Highest quality standards
  • Sustainable solutions



You want to find out more about add-ons for wind turbine rotor blades? Then take a look at our Virtual Expo or contact us!

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