Performance & Structural Components
Performance & Structural Components

Boost turbine performance and durability out of the factory

Whether it is blade add-ons or internal turbine components, choosing the right material and design improves the performance and durability of your turbines right from the start. Add value to your turbines and to your customers’ assets using Polytech’s solutions and expertise.

Holistic solutions using in-house capabilities

At Polytech, we combine our engineering, material, testing, and production expertise to create holistic solutions for you and your business. Our solutions and engineering capabilities are implemented in tens of thousands of turbines globally, with a proven track record of durability and performance.


Our global production setup also allows you to reduce your supply chain complexity, costs, and CO2 footprint


Close partnership with WTG & Blade manufacturers

All our solutions are developed in a close partnership with your own in-house engineers. This is essential because add-ons alter the original design of the blade and other components can affect the entire turbine structure.


You will end up with a site- and turbine-specific blade add-on and/or turbine component that are designed to last the lifetime of the turbine. And that’s a good investment.


Choose add-ons that stay on

Rotor blade add-ons optimize the operation of your wind turbine. Reduced noise, improved aerodynamic performance, decreased energy production costs. But you only get these benefits if they are long-lasting. Many add-ons fall off or get damaged, which often results in costly service calls.


At Polytech, we decided it was time to get blade add-ons right once and for all. That’s why all our add-ons undergo comprehensive salt spray, temperature- and UV testing at our accredited test centers to ensure perfect adhesion and longevity. We also perform both peel tests, tensile tests, and impact tests.


Various rotor blade add-ons and turbine internals

We produce wind turbine blade add-ons such as serrations, vortex generators, T-spoilers, and gurney flaps.


We also offer a variety of components for the whole wind turbine structure. These include blade root covers, balancing chambers, vibration dampers, cable support rings and guides, ladder bracket bushing, and sensor coatings.


Have a new component in mind?

We welcome new challenges and are always open to your ideas. Our in-house capabilities are well-suited to implement new designs and processes, so we can quickly adapt to your needs.



Your added value at a glance

  • Holistic component solutions from design to production
  • Extensive in-house expertise
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Solutions engineered to last a lifetime



You want to find out more about add-ons for wind turbine rotor blades? Then contact us!

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