Transport Equipment & Solutions
Transport Equipment & Solutions

Transport your wind turbine equipment like you’ve never before

Transporting your wind turbines and their components requires maximum safety, optimized equipment usage, and complete asset overview. You’ve come to the right place.

As wind turbines get bigger and bigger, transporting turbines and their components from factories to their final destinations becomes an equally bigger challenge. And it’s not just the actual transportation that’s an issue. With more and more parts on the road all over the world, the logistics becomes increasingly complex.


Holistic approach to wind turbine transportation

At Polytech, we decided to take a holistic approach to transportation. We work closely with wind turbine and blade manufacturers to design and produce solutions that perfectly match the geometry of each individual structure. With over 25 years of experience in materials, we can provide frames and pads in exactly the right material for every single part.


We test all our solutions extensively according to international standards at our accredited testing laboratory. And to prove their durability and reliability in action, we have also extensively tested our solutions in the field.


Safe transport is essential - but we also need to look at the overall picture. That is why we consider the whole supply chain and provide you a solution, where you have complete control and overview of all your transport equipment globally. 


Your strategic partner in wind turbine transportation

As a full-scope supplier, we have all the expertise and processes in-house. We are here for you from idea generation to full delivery. And together with your team, we form a strategic partnership to provide you a safe, reliable, cost-efficient, and sustainable solution for your wind turbine transportation project.


All the transport solutions you need – under one roof

We have three main solutions in wind turbine transportation and logistics:


  • Polyurethane (PUR) pads
  • Steel storage frames with replaceable PUR pads
  • Polytech Insight™ - Logistics Monitoring System


The PUR pads and storage frames give you complete protection and preservation of your turbine components during transport and storage. And our Polytech Insight™ – Logistics Monitoring System gives you all the information you need to manage your transport equipment assets, wherever they are.


Find out more about the solutions below.

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